Pups prey and Ball drive toys

Burlap bag cut at 1 to 2 foot.

Red ball with a small hole.

Puppy tug.

Puppy soft sleeve.

All items are tied on a PVC pipe.

Burlap bag can be purchase at feed store.

Ball local pet store.

Tug and sleeve any K-9 online store.

Training is done 5 days a week. 10 to 15 minutes.. Once the pup  shows the desire and hard drive at all times; I back off to every other day. Getting my pups in the mode of wanting to bite is what I am looking for.

Please note: All trainers are different in the way that they trained. The items you see are the items that reedk9 use with his pups. No other toys are use with my pups.



Ball drive.

Prey drive.

Prey drive puppy tug.

Puppy sleeve helps puppy to identify future arm sleeve when K9 training starts.



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