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Reedk9  guarantee that all puppies have their shots according to age. This health guarantee covers your puppy up to their first birthday/1 year of age from any hips or bone structure defects which would affect the health of your puppy.

You must take your new puppy to the vet within 24 hours after purchase. If your puppy is picked up on the weekend, then the following Monday if it’s not a holiday.  If your puppy is not seen within the listed time frame the entire health guarantee is void. Scheduling your vet appointment before purchase is highly recommended.

Also, ReedK9 will not be held responsible for any accrued vet bills. Worms are NOT a genetic defect. This Health Guarantee do not cover parasites as they can be picked up by your puppy anywhere. Many dogs (and puppies) have an outbreak when stressed (going to a new home, change of diet, going to a kennel, on vacation, going to dog shows, harsh training methods etc..)

If your puppy should die before the first year, an autopsy would be necessary to determine the cause of death. If the reason is a genetic defect the puppy will be replaced.

Your puppy must show the defect. ReedK9 must be notified within 3 days of veterinarian determination of findings. The puppy must be returned to us with all papers.

If the puppy is euthanized without prior notification or consent from ReedK9,  your puppy will not be replaced. The guarantee is only to the original owners and is not transferrable.  If there are no puppies availabe at the time of notification, the puppy will come from the next litter available. All traveling expenses are at the buyers expense.

1. Registration completed with in 1 year.

2.Current on all shots.

3. Proof of feeding your dog a premium food or raw diet food.

4. Cannot be bred until 1 year of age.

We aim to please and hope that each puppy placed will be strong healthy and happy for many years to come.

Thank you for purchasing your new best friend.





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