Gustloff Vom Van Den Heuvel

Gustloff fits my mold of having that large bone structure along with outstanding pedigree.                                                                                  Go Hard, Bite Hard or Go Home.

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Gustloff above is 9 month old.

Kaja is 3 months old.

              Gustloff parents has multiple titles


Pippi (BH , IPO1 titled, SG rated, select breeding class, A Stamped Hips/Elbows 

Dario is SchH3, IPO3, LG-FCI Competitor, A1 certified excellent hips/clear elbows, SG rated.

Dam: Jen- Ager's Pippi

Sire: Dario Vom Weinbergblick

Above:  Gustoff at 7 months with the tent. A little distraction on my right is Dario. The sound of the wip does not phase Dario at 10 weeks of age.  Teaching Gustloff to give chase and bite with force  at 30 feet. Distance will increase as his confidence builds.

Note: Whatever you can do with your puppy; only makes a trainer job a little easier.

Note: All training is done different in many ways. This is only what I do with my puppies and dogs.  Gustloff  DOB:3-22-2016  current weight 80 lbs  9-22-2017  6 month of age.

All photos below are at 6 months of age.

Gustloff  has crazy drive. In training with ball, rag, puppy tug, puppy sleeve and tug rag. Ericka  taking note's. Next year Gustoff will be full K9 Trained.

Above: Teaching Gustloff to give me a full bite. Gustloff is alway focus; whip on the sleeve and nose. I am indicating to Gustloff what I want by tapping on the sleeve.

Gustloff sleeps with the smaller sleeve. As you can see he works on it at night.

Above; Above is a 6 month old beast waiting to be release.  Puppy sleeve and whip getting him ready. Gustloff ready for the next level. Gustloff above at 6 months 80 lbs.

Gustloff is giving me full hard bites. We have move to the next soft puppy sleeve that allows me to move my arm inside and give him a feel of a object inside moving. As my arm moves his bites gets harder.

Gustloff ball drive is excellent. Focus on all stages.



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