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Kaja  at 6 months




Gustloff at 7 months




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Adult dogs bloodlines

Grafental and Kirschental is one of the oldest DDR (Deutsche Demokratische Republik)  bloodlines of the East German. Czech... Tiekerhook and Pohranicni Straze is two of the oldest West German bloodlines. These bloodlines are bred for protection and working; however they make great family pets. Renegade, Gustloff, Eno, Onix, Kaja, Zooka, Zeba, Inka, Okona and Nadetta has one or two of the above bloodlines.

United Kennel Club

All dogs are registered with UKC



American Kennel Club

All dogs are registered with AKC



The working lines in Czech were bred to have a high pain tolerance so that they could endure the hardships of protection work and border patrol. They are mostley black and tan, all black and sable in color. The czech lines were originally bred in Communist Czech as state working dogs.

* large blockly head with big bone structure and leaner in build. These GSD have straighter backs and fewer problems with hip dysplasia. However, they are high-energy dogs. Czech line GSD and East GSD DDR Shepherd are stronge bloodlines. 

Kirschental- Outstanding herding and working dog.

Grafental- (DDR)  East GSD old style big bone GSD known for working.

Pohranicni straze- DDR/Czech  East German known for working security and border patrol.

Tiekerhook- Serious dog in protection and high energy. Excellent pigment in color and strong bone structure.

Our dogs have been under the care of Highway 5 Animal Hospital, Douglasville, GA for 12 years.  Mike, our veternarian, have treated each and every litter with a great deal of care.  He has been very detailed and thorough with all health exams of each pup we bring.  His staff is also second to none giving all customers the same top notch customer service.  Every customer is treated like family here.  I highly recommend his services to any pet owner.


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