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ReedK9 have more than 10 years of experience building Loyal, Protection and Family dogs. We work with some of finest trainers and breeders. We develop some of best tecniques to train and motivate our dogs who love to train in a positive way.


All dogs are not created the same and each breed have their purpose. Evaluation along with the desire of the owner will determine which style of training is best to motivate that particular dog. The owners personal touch provides the best results for that breed of dog and owner.


ReedK9 personally-owned dogs: Sasha, Zeba and Sky are all Working Line, Personal Protection K-9 Trained. Zen, Piper and Zooka are not personal protection trained.          All dogs are Registered with:

AKC  - American Kennel Club and

UKC - United Kennel Club


Protection training is offered with a purchase of a puppy. The fee for this training includes obedience, bite work, handling of your dog for aggression and how to turn your dog on and off.  Training words can also be done in English or German.  You can review all photos of each dog to gain a general idea of our training.


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Sasha- Maxpain Mom- DDR/Czech/Pohranicni Straze Bloodline.






Skypain- DDR/East German/Czech/ Kirschental / Tiekerhook Bloodline.






Czech/DDR/Pohranici Straze and Tiekerhook  Bloodline.






Czech/DDR/Pohranici Straze and Tiekerhook Bloodline.






DDR/Czech/ Grafental/Kirschental  & Pohranicni Straze bloodline

Sire: Sniper

Dam: Sasha both parents of ReedK9


Czech/DDR /Grafental/ Kirschental & Tiekerhook born

Sire: Maxpain

Dam: Sky both parents of reedk9.






DDR/Czech/ Grafental/Kirschental  & Pohranicni Straze bloodline




DDR/Czech/ Pohranicni Straze Z bloodline







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